My Birthday Gifts

For me, today is the beginning of the new year. My own private new year’s day. This year feels different. Special.

Here I am with my 3 treasured gifts . . .
Sorry, I’ve been out of touch for a little while. I had some things to do. Truth be told, I’m just really behind. I’m only now slowly unwinding my withered, nerve-wracked, quivering body from the fetal position and beginning the process of recovering from all the holiday preparations and implementations: cooking, eating, madness, eating, stress, craziness, eating, mass confusion, and oh yeah more eating. But I’m back now. Kinda. I think. And I have a few new ventures brewing. Nothing earth-shaking, just typical resolution stuff, diet, exercise, books to read, stuff to write, 500 pounds to lose, etc.

I’ll keep you posted.

Back to my day. It is still young, but it’s off to an incredible start. So far my parents called to sing to me first thing this morning, as they do every year. This never fails to send me directly to a beautiful crib memory (real or imagined) of gazing upward into the adoring faces of a hopeful young couple thrilled with their first baby. My husband voluntarily accompanied me to church (thank you, honey). I’ve received some wonderful, generous, thoughtful presents. And my in-laws had us all over for brunch this morning.

My birthday brunch:

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Today is Oprah’s birthday too, I think.

I’m much younger.

This just might be the best birthday yet! Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear . . .