Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even Our Little Mouse

Our little girl was in a school Christmas play called, “Silent Mice, Holy Mice.”

Guess what she played.
Parents of the cast members were responsible for coming up with their child’s costume.

I’ve never learned to sew, despite the classes my mother sent me to at the Singer sewing machine store when I was eleven.


But, I am getting pretty handy with the hot-glue gun. Wow. That’s something I never thought I’d say.

Hmmm . . . some day. What should I wear? You know, to the Academy Awards? That is, if I’m invited. Well, of course I’ll be invited; I am her mother for goodness sake. Academy-Award nominees’ parents are surely invited. Right? Hmmm . . . I look good in red. A red evening gown, I think. I’ll have to lose a few pounds, that’s for sure. But best to wait until after holidays to start any kind of serious diet, everyone knows that. Well, yes, “some day” may be a long ways off, so it is possible that I will be a little . . . well, a little old by the time she receives her nomination. But, I can still look good, right? I mean good in an elegant, regal, older-woman kind of way. Yes, red is definitely my color. Not a bright, fire engine, or orange-y shade of red, mind you. I’m thinking more of a cranberry, garnet, deep sexy-ish shade of red. But not a slutty red, heavens no! Hmmm . . . do they ever show close-ups of the mothers of the nominees on camera? I only mention that, you see, because if so, I’ll need some kind of special up-do/coiffure for the occasion. And, oh yeah, in preparation for the big evening, I’ll need a make-up artist, stylist, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. But let’s be realistic, they probably only show close-ups of a nominee’s parent if he or she happens to be the date of the nominee and, therefore, sitting right next to her. My little sweetheart may have a husband or a significant other to escort her by the time she’s nominated, but you never know about these things. And even if she doesn’t, she might choose her daddy over me to accompany her. Not fair! I did most of the diaper-changing, middle-of-night feedings, all that stuff, you know.

As I was saying, my daughter played a mouse in her first on-stage performance, and I made most of her costume using a hot-glue gun. I think I’ll try to make something else, tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.