Our Son, The Carnivore

Ever since he’s been able to eat solid food, he’s been crazy about meat. (Actually, it started pre-teeth with that yucky pureed stuff.) Not too long ago, we were at the dinner table, and he said, “Pass the chicken.” Someone said, “It’s not chicken, it’s pork.” And he said, “It doesn’t matter, just pass it!”

Pretty much everything goes for him when it comes to meat: bacon, sausage, ham, meatballs (oh, he loves meatballs), “Chicken Bones” (also known as drumsticks), chicken strips, steak of all kinds.

And fish . . .


He loves all kinds of shellfish, too. He really cleans up on the shellfish. (And he’s very careful not to kiss me afterward, since he knows I’m very allergic. Blown kisses only until teeth are brushed.)

But his favorite lately has been ribs, we call them “Rib Bones” . . .

Camera Roll-78

This was kind of a “Rib Bone” feeding frenzy. People in the restaurant were starting to stare. Embarrassing.

Our son does eat fruit too, but if someone told him he had to become a vegetarian, I believe he would just dry up and disintegrate.

His sister really likes vegetables and “lettuce salad.” Hallelujah.


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