My Thankfulness


We spent the Thanksgiving break with my side of the family this year.  This is a view from the ranch-house deck.  I shot most of the photos included in my SLIDE SHOW early in the week at my parents’ ranch in West Texas and the rest I took on Thanksgiving day at their in-town home.  If you have 4 minutes, please take a look.  Music Credit: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” Sufjan Stevens.

We’ll be spending Christmas with my hubby’s family.

— Twyla

10 thoughts on “My Thankfulness

  1. That was beautiful Twyla. It brought tears to my eyes to see everyone together. Wish we could’ve been there with family. Love and miss you all.

  2. Oh loved the slide show. So, so good. 1 of your nieces really reminds me of you when we were kids. Beautiful pics, caprock and trees. The beauty of west Texas! Rainy day here and love it.

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