Polka Dots Advance to Playoffs

I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this breaking news.  So I’m thrilled to report that it’s official . . . the Polka Dots will be advancing to the six- and seven-year-old girls’ division soccer league playoffs in our suburban community this weekend.

The team name may be sweet and cutesy, as are those of their opponents, Blue Angels, Castle Cuties, and Twinkle ToesBut do not let that fool you.  Our little Polka Dot is a vital cog in a well oiled kicking machine; an automatic weapon in an arsenal of passing, dribbling, running, scoring, goal-defending fire power.  Yes, she is one dangerous dot of polka.

I know first hand, you see, because just after the qualifying game, I held up my palm for a “good-game” high five and my little sweetheart punched it so hard with full fist that I was sent tumbling none too gracefully off my Wal-Mart folding canvas lawn chair.  Can’t blame her for being fired up and proud to be a part of a winning team, one of only four that has scored enough points this season to be in the running for the championship.  (To be clear, the top four teams qualify for playoffs and there are only four teams in this particular division. But still.)

Funny though, no matter how fierce and tough a gal may be, she still seeks the sweet and tender post-victory comfort offered by her ever-present, and ever-smelly, companion of six-and-a-half years, her best friend since infant crib days, and no it’s not her twin brother.  I am referring to her well-worn and well-loved baby blanket/lovie, affectionately named “Bawler.” (Don’t ask me, I didn’t name it, nor do I know how to spell it.)

Go Polka Dots!

Thank you for listening. – Twyla

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